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A dramatic and original portrayal of how Christianity spread among the Garos. It is the sole focus of the indigenous movement of its people. Additionally, nobody will ever forget Rev. Dr. Miles Bronson, whose contributions to the Garo Hills and Assam regions led to great success. Many others have helped the church develop from the ground up alongside him. Christianity had reached one of the corners of the Garo Hills, i.e. Rajasimla, thanks to this fundamental image of the populace.

Rajasimla Church

Why is there a Scene?

We have no idea how laboriously our ancestors toiled back then. We modern citizens, however, believe that the time to enter is more lenient now. Nevertheless, God made provision for the Garo people in the Garo Hills and elsewhere in enigmatic ways. He wrote a description of the populace's significant contribution. He had chosen the finest from the departed generations. While leading legendary lives, they radiated the scent of sincerity, humility, and impeccable spirits. They took good care of everything God had given them. They cleared the entire range of hills with their arduous labor. The wide, open valleys were also reached by it. Given how marvelously they served God's kingdom, what would be our stronger conviction today?

How did it Start?

The Beginning

Everything started when Omed and Ramke, the nephew and uncle, learned about this Christianity. To find the truth, they put in a tremendous amount of effort. Last but not least, they offered their hearts and souls to God, who had specially chosen Christ Jesus. As soon as they got back home, they shared what they had learned with their neighborhood, which stoked neighborhood animosity.

Their Conversation

While keeping watch over the bungalow in Guwahati, Omed as sepoy discovered this pamphlet titled “Apattinashak,” which he read that night while being intensely curious and incapable of falling asleep. Ramke received a letter from Omed a while back in which he described his recent conversion to Christianity and urged him to visit Guwahati as soon as possible.

Their Decisions

This small find of the mysterious tract was thoroughly discussed by Omed and Ramke. They both appeared to believe that Christianity is the best and most genuine of all religions because they were both by nature seekers of the eternal truth. On February 8, 1863, at Sukheswar Ghat in Guwahati, Dr. Bronson baptized them in the Brahmaputra River.

The Gospel Arrays

They resigned from their positions in March 1864 and went back to their hometown of Watrepara with their spouses and children. To preach the gospel to their people, their souls were captured. They shared it and have now been away from Guwahati for these years.

The Obstacles

Omed and Ramke set out for Watrepara, where they were born. They experienced a sense of being men in an enemy’s country despite being in their own. The fact that word of their arrival had spread faster than they could control caused a strong sense of resentment.

Day of the Days

Dr. Miles Bronson baptized 27 Garos—both men and women at the lovely stream “Rongkil. So, with 27 people including Omed, Ramke, and Rangku, the First Garo Church was established in Rajasimla. What a joyous moment for the native people of Rajasimla!
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Jaseng D Marak
Rev. Jaseng D. Marak
He feels that God called him while he was participating in a Vacation Bible School that was held in October 1995 over the holiday.
Relian S Momin
Mr. Relian S. Momin
Asst. Pastor
God is so kind to His children because Mr. Relian S. Momin stood before Him and offered his services in a variety of capacities.
Tengrak K Momin
Mr. Tengrak K. Momin
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Mr. K. Tengrak. Momin became a child of God, accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, and was baptized by one of the assistant pastors.

Lordeversing D Marak
Mr. Lordeversing D. Marak
Associate Pastor
I would devote my entire being to serving the Lord God, according to what he said. Right now he is doing God’s work. He is a devout Christian.
Wilne R Marak
Ms. Wilne R. Marak
Asst. Pastor
She committed her life to the Lord and received Jesus Christ as her personal Savior while attending one of the Bible camps.

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