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The coming of Christianity among the Garos is a dramatic portrayal and unique. The indigenous movement of its people purely concentrates on it. Besides, no one can forget Rev. Dr. Miles Bronson, whose contributions made tremendous success in Garo Hills and Assam. Along with him, many have contributed to this core development of the church. Through this central image of the people, Christianity had come to one of the corners of Garo Hills, that is, in Rajasimla.

Rajasimla Church

What Is Behind The Scene?

We do not know how much our ancestors strived during their times. But, living in this contemporaries, we feel like a lenient way to step in today. Nonetheless, God made his mysterious ways for the Garo people in Garo Hills and beyond. He made the story of a vital role among the people. He had chosen the best part from the generations that passed away. They lived like a legend and sprung the aroma of sincerity, humility, and flawless spirits. They took care of all things God created in them. Their burdensome labor purged throughout the hills ranges. Not only that, it reached the vast and plain valleys. How amazingly they rendered for the cause of God's kingdom! What would be our better conviction today?

How Does It Begin?

The Beginning

It started when Omed and Ramke (uncle-nephew) found this Christianity. Their search for the truth was amazing. Finally, they bestowed their hearts and souls to Christ Jesus in God, whom He had chosen for the great purpose. They came back with what they experienced and shared it with their people.

Their Conversation

Omed as sepoy found this tract entitled “Apattinashak” while guarding the bungalow at Guwahati and he read it that night without sleeping and with intense curiosity. A while ago, Omed wrote a letter to Ramke, about his newfound interest in Jesus Christ and asked him to come to Guwahati at the earliest.

Their Decisions

Omed and Ramke thoroughly discussed this little discovery of the mysterious tract. Both were seekers of the eternal truth by nature and seemed that Christianity is the best and most authentic of all religions. Dr. Bronson gave them baptism on February 8, 1863, in the Brahmaputra river at Sukheswar Ghat, Guwahati.

The Gospel Arrays

In March 1864, they quit their services and returned with their spouses and kids to their native village—Watrepara. Their souls were captivated to preach the gospel among their people. It is now these years since they left Guwahati and shared it.

The Obstacles

Omed and Ramke set out to their home village Watrepara. They felt like men in an enemies’ country, though it was their own. The news of their coming had outstripped them, and a strong feeling of resentment was aroused.

Day of the Days

Dr. Bronson went down to the beautiful stream “Rongkil,” and he baptized 27 Garos—men and women. Thus, with 27 members and Omed, Ramke, and Rangku, the First Garo Church was established at Rajasimla.
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This page is designed to display several features. The purpose of creating this page is to place photos, audio, and videos. We can say that this gallery will play an important role. These may even connect us to our past and remind us of our people, the places where they lived, feelings, and stories. They can help us to know more about who we are.

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Our Pastoral Desks

Almighty God has called each pastor, and they're serving Him faithfully!

Jaseng D Marak
Rev. Jaseng D. Marak
He believes that God has called him while he was attending a Vacation Bible School held in October 1995 during the holiday.
Relian S Momin
Mr. Relian S. Momin
Asst. Pastor
One after the other, God is so gracious to His children because Mr. Relian S. Momin came forward before Him and served in various ways.
Tengrak K Momin
Mr. Tengrak K. Momin
Asst. Pastor

Tengrak K. Momin became a child of God, accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, and took baptism by one of the Asst. Pastors of RBC.

Lordeversing D Marak
Mr. Lordeversing D. Marak
Associate Pastor
He said I would serve the Lord God with all my heart, soul, mind, and body. He is currently serving God. He is a God-fearing person.
Wilne R Marak
Ms. Wilne R. Marak
Asst. Pastor
She dedicated her life to the Lord when she attended one of the Bible Camps and at that moment she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior.

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