Nothing can compare
to what God had done for our
people in the past.


The coming of Christianity among the Garos is a dramatic portrayal and unique. We believe that this movement is purely indigenous by our ancestors. Moreover, no one can forget Rev. Dr. Miles Bronson, whose contributions made tremendous success in Garo Hills. Along with him, many have contributed to this core development of the church. Through this central image of the people, Christianity has come to one of the corners of Garo Hills, that is, in Rajasimla.

This church was established on April 14, 1867, with 40 baptized members, including the first three converts—Omed, Ramke, and Rangku. God’s Spirit specially guided these first believers and started spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. After that, Christianity has extensively covered the entire Garo Hills and beyond its region. It is all because of love, passion, and excitement that started together by our ancestors!

We tried to secure a good photograph of Omed, but his infirmity made it a difficult task. In one picture, he is seen standing before his house, supported by Mr. Mason: (W. Carey, 214)


Rev. Miles Bronson
Dr. Miles Bronson
Omed W Momin
Omed W. Momin
First Convert
Ramke W Momin
Ramke W. Momin
Second Convert
Rangku W Momin
Rangku W. Momin
Third Convert


Dr. Miles Bronson

I have never seen anything so wonderful during my whole life as the work was going on among the Garos. Those two assistants—Omed and Ramke, had worked quietly and faithfully on amid ridicule, reproach, and even threats of personal violence and “had proved themselves to be reliable, trustworthy and faithful men, as I took them to be when I baptized them Guwahati.” I saw their earnestness. I saw God’s hand in it, and although I had no funds, I dared not say, No, I can only say, This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes!”

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Dr. Issachar J. Stoddard

This is the home of Omed. It is also the Garo Christian village, and its history is familiar to the readers of the Missionary Magazine. I have been spending the past week in this beautiful valley. Everything seems to be orderly and prosperous in the Christian communities. Preparations are made, and materials are collected for re-thatching and repairing their chapel. The two mountain streams that flow on either side of their village furnish an abundance of the purest water. Their cattle thrive, and their working oxen are ever fat for the market. I have never seen better-conditions cattle in India.

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Brother Geo. Pearce, Calcutta

I was pleased with your Garo assistant (Rangkhu)—he seemed so simple-hearted and earnest in his attachment to the gospel. I have my doubts whether he would profit much by coming to me. He is, I think, better with you. His present scale of knowledge is possibly better suited for his own people just now than if he were more advanced in general knowledge. There is much in the Apostle’s saying, “Knowledge puffeth up.” May you have many more such. I was surprised to find him so well acquainted with Bengali; we got along in conversation very well.”

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This is how they started in the initial stage. Praise God for choosing them before us.








The purpose of the church

Our Vision

The vision of Rajasimla Church is to establish full-pledged churches, to build a committed community everywhere that will cause and expand the nature of God’s love. It is also to enhance and mold the believers to reach the unreached through the Gospel sharing. This has been articulating the future framework of the congregation. We hope and desire to see such aims that may fulfill our endeavors.

Our Beliefs

We believe that everyone, ordained or lay leaders, is liable before God for their belief in God’s word and what it signifies. Therefore, we affirm that God created every individual as competent, with the skills to be a priest for themselves and others. The church also emphasizes the importance of the personal conversion encounter, affirmed by the person having complete immersion in water for a believer’s baptism. Some are:

  1. The Supreme authority of the Bible in all matters of faith and practice.
  2. Believer’s baptism.
  3. Churches are composed of believers only.
  4. Equality of all Christians in the life of the church.
  5. Independence of the local church.
  6. Separation of church and state.

Our Mission

The purpose of the church is to share the Gospel of God’s kingdom. Our church has a vision of mission to share God’s love with all humanity. We now have to follow the steps of Jesus Christ, who did everything for us. Therefore, there is a need to share the Gospel with those seeking desirously. We also need to share it with those who are not seeking it. Collectively, we are pondering to proclaim the Gospel and represent the kingdom of God.


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