Nothing can compare
to what God had done for our
people in the past.


The arrival of Christianity among the Garos is depicted in a dramatic and original way. We think that our ancestors were the only ones who started this movement. Also, nobody will ever forget Rev. Dr. Miles Bronson made a significant contribution that helped Garo Hills achieve great success. Many others have helped the church develop from the ground up alongside him. Christianity has reached Rajasimla, which is one of the corners of the Garo Hills, thanks to this representation of the populace as its focal point.

Omed, Ramke, and Rangku were the first three converts, and this church was founded on April 14, 1867, with 40 baptized members. These early believers were given special direction by the Holy Spirit, who also began to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Following that, Christianity spread widely throughout the entire region of the Garo Hills and beyond. All of this can be attributed to the shared love, passion, and excitement of our ancestors!

We tried to secure a good photograph of Omed, but his infirmity made it a difficult task. In one picture, he is seen standing before his house, supported by Mr. Mason: (W. Carey, 214)


Rev. Miles Bronson
Dr. Miles Bronson
Omed W Momin
Omed W. Momin
Kristian Ong·chenggipa
Ramke W Momin
Ramke W. Momin
Second Convert
Rangku W Momin
Rangku W. Momin
Third Convert


Dr. Miles Bronson

The work that was being done among the Garos was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life. These two assistants, Omed and Ramke, had to endure mockery, criticism, and even threats to their personal safety while working quietly and obediently, and they “had proven themselves to be reliable, trustworthy, and faithful men, as I took them to be when I baptized them Guwahati.” I could tell they were sincere. Despite my lack of resources, I saw God’s hand at work and dared not object, only saying, “This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes!”


Dr. Issachar J. Stoddard

Herein lies Omed’s domicile. The readers of the Missionary Magazine are familiar with the history of this village because it is also a Garo-Christian village. I’ve spent the last week in this stunning valley. In Christian communities, everything appears to be in order and prosperous. For their chapel’s re-thatching and repair, preparations are made and materials are gathered. The water of the purest quality is abundantly available from the two mountain streams. Their working oxen are always fat for the market, and their cattle flourish. In India, I have never seen cattle in better condition.


Brother Geo. Pearce, Calcutta

Rangkhu, your Garo assistant, impressed me because he seemed to have a good heart and to be sincerely committed to the gospel. I’m not sure he would gain much by consulting with me. He is better with you, in my opinion. His current level of knowledge may be more appropriate for his own people than it would be if he had a higher general knowledge. The Apostle’s adage, “Knowledge puffeth up,” contains much wisdom. “May you have many more occasions like this? We had a great conversation and I was surprised to find him to be so fluent in Bengali.”



They began in the beginning stage in this manner. We give thanks to God for picking them over us.








The purpose of the church

Our Vision

The goal of Rajasimla Church is to plant authentic churches and create devoted communities all over the world that will spread and deepen God’s love. In order to share the gospel with the unreached, it is also necessary to develop and shape believers. The congregation’s long-term organizational structure has been articulated through this. Such objectives are what we hope and want to see so that our efforts will be successful.

Our Beliefs

Everyone—ordained or lay leaders alike—is accountable to God for their faith in God’s word and what it means, in our opinion. We therefore affirm that God created each person as competent and endowed them with the abilities to serve as a priest for others as well as for themselves. The church also emphasizes the significance of the individual conversion experience, which is confirmed by the fact that a believer’s baptism requires complete immersion in water. They include:

  1. In all matters of belief and practice, the Bible is the final authority.
  2. Baptism of believers.
  3. Churches are only made up of Christians.
  4. In the church’s life, everyone who professes faith is treated equally.
  5. The local church’s independence.
  6. Separate between the church and the state.

Our Mission

The mission of the church is to proclaim the good news of God’s heavenly kingdom. Our church’s mission statement is to spread God’s love throughout the world. Jesus Christ did everything for us, and now we must follow in his footsteps. As a result, it is necessary to share the Gospel with those who are desiring it. We also need to impart it to those who are not actively looking for it. We are considering how best to represent God’s kingdom.


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