Antlion insect always likes to make holes in dry-land dust and is found to have in them, because they can’t make a narrow hole in hard dry-land. She prefers to discover the dust in that way. Her home, which may be a pit, has a top-like appearance. On one occasion, the farm’s watchhouse served as my retreat as I rested inside due to rain. On the floor, I noticed a few holes filled with ant-like insects. I suddenly came across three red poisonous ants and maneuvered around the holes. In between the holes, one ant was scurrying around. Another fell into a hole as the other two moved around the hole’s edges. Fortunately, he managed to leave it by climbing up and moving to the other side. Over time, another ant also fell into the same hole, but she foolishly tried to flee from it. An antlion insect emerged from the hole as she was doing this, biting the red poisonous ant’s feet and dragging her inside the pit. That ant may have been killed by an insect resembling an ant because she never returned to the surface of the pit.

An·ching Sakantina Skiani
For Christians today, the world is filled with many tempting gaps. Stealing, adultery, gossiping, cheating, and a host of other bad behaviors contributed to the failure of humanity and our descent into the abyss. Though we may fall into the pit, we must make an effort to escape it, just as the first poisonous ant did. If Satan were to drag us along while we were in sin, we might never have a chance to do so. Let us all reflect on and keep in mind one wealthy man. While on earth, he led a lavish life and never worried about it. He eventually passed away and was buried deep inside the grave, where there is a lot of darkness. He attempted to leave his graveyard repeatedly but was unsuccessful. (Read Luke 16:19–31.) He was internally mystified and troubled. 

“There is no chance of being saved after death if we do not take care of ourselves while we are still alive.”

So let’s avoid making the same mistakes as the one poisonous ant. Without a doubt, as human beings, we may commit sins and need to turn from them. In Genesis 4:7, God states, “And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door; it desires you, but you must master it.” One of the disciples, Peter, made the mistake of three times defying his master Jesus, but after he repented, he was pardoned. He confessed his sin to Jesus, and Jesus pardoned him (Luke 22:54–65). King David committed adultery with Uriah’s wife Bathsheba, but he sincerely repented of his sin and God pardoned him (2 Samuel 12, 13).

Let us climb out of the pit even if we fall inside due to the poisonous ant. (Ramdel Marak)

Isol sakantinan pattichina!

Ramdel Marak wrote this short story entitled “Timatini Gimin” in A·chikni Ripeng, Volume 52. No. 3. Editor: Rev. F.W. Harding; Manager: Rev. A.F. Merrill, Tura. March 1932.