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Rev. Dr. Miles Bronson, Vol-1

Rev. Dr. Miles Bronson, American Baptist missionaryrangoni saksa Assamni Sadhiya aro Jaipurona re·bae kam ka·echenggipa ong·a. Andalan’ wario rengboe sinasienggiparangna do·ga ochenggiparangoni saksa, nikgijao una mai ong·gen uko chanchigijan rama...... Read More

J. Hudson Taylor

“Dear God, if you should give us a son, grant that he may work for you in China.” James and Amelia Taylor prayed in the parlor behind Barnsley’s busiest chemist...... Read More

D. Lyman Moody

Bang·bata Americani manderangan da·alona kingkingba Dwight Lyman Moodyko 19th chasongjolo dal·gipa aganprakgipa ine mesokna ja·manchakkuenga. Uko bang·a manderangan 19th gipa chasongni BILLY GRAHAM ine agan-torea aro uko, uni somaio darangan...... Read More

School aro Sea-Jotani Kamrang

Early schooling was a day that started from Watrepara, their home, was one of great excitement. The parents had many misgivings, but the lads were highly elated because of their...... Read More

Rong·ma Gitil

Our ancestors referred to Rongma Gitil as “Sindrak Amegol Achura Balnangra,” a place of perpetual wind and dry land. Rongma Gitil, which means “a Fallen Rock,” was not the name...... Read More

Mission-na Aganchakani

Omed W. Momin (1867–1902) and Ramke W. Momin (1867–1891) were recognized by the Garos as the first pioneering missionaries. The early missions of the Church began to spread the Good...... Read More

Monja Masuri─Rajasimla

It was actually “Monja Monsori.” The current village of Rajasimla was known by this name when it was the first Christian settlement to be established on Garo territory. The Bodo...... Read More

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