Memories Preserve

Never let a chance like that pass you by in life. Make it stand out by being distinctive.


The Church compiles large numbers of images, audio playlists, and numerous videos from various sources. Some are only occasionally discovered anywhere, but they are immediately connected to church commemorations. Such collections are distinctive assets for the Church. These can be displayed as memoirs in libraries and archives for readers to peruse. These collective memories contain a lot of actual memories, much like words that describe things.

For many people, words are the best form of expression, but occasionally, images can convey something profound. While some documentaries are almost incomprehensible and misplaced, they are still more trustworthy in the Church’s account of the present. Videos and audio playlists are also intended to keep you safe. Let’s not overlook what was previously shared with us.

Maya Angelou

Poet and Historian

“We’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but the people will never forget how you made them free.”


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