Not the word of men, but the Word of God (1 Thess. 2:13)

We can all agree that a sermon is an expression of speech. This idiom is typically based on religion and is spoken by a pastor, rabbi, or other religious authority.

The message on this page is to encourage open-minded listening. The written sermon scripts are available for anyone to read, listen to, or watch in video and audio form. You frequently hear a variety of sermons with a moral theme that are based on expositions, exhortations, and practical applications. Comparable to Jesus’ sermons on St. Mount in his time. Paul, Peter, John, and many other apostles dedicate their entire lives to spreading the gospel. Numerous preachers deliver sermons on numerous occasions, just like D.L. Moody, and Franklin Graham throughout the world. These preachers typically deliver sermons that are grounded in biblical passages and speak to the human heart.


Some figures in the later history of Christianity became well-known for their addresses, which were later regarded as sermons. Acts 2:14b–36, Acts 7:1b–53, and numerous other passages in the Bible provide numerous examples of the early churches. These speeches, which are referred to as evangelistic messages instead of sermons in the modern sense, were historically used to spread Christianity throughout Europe and Asia Minor.

In our Christian lives, a sermon is typically defined as an address or speech given to a group of believers. While serving in the Assam Mission, many missionaries preached to their flocks. They even traveled to the mountain ranges of the Garo Hills and conducted sermons there. As a result, our ancestors in Rajasimla village first began to worship God and turned to Christ.

Several sermons are based on sporadic events, such as retreats, camps, festivals, etc. Are posted on this page. Anyone can access it to read, listen, or watch it, and it’s legal to use it later.

Sir Malthus

Walking with God (Gen. 5:24)

Malthus S. Sangma

I spoke with one of the most experienced and well-known preachers from the Billy Graham Association, Rev. (Dr.) Robert R. Cunville said “Oh, that was called Rajasimla, isn’t it? A village of Rev. Omed Momin.” He was happy at the time and wished everyone a happy holiday season by saying, “Merry Christmas,” to the First Church in the Garo Hills.

He spent three hundred long years walking with God. Friends, let’s think about the following three lessons we can learn from this subject:

  1. First of all, Enoc was terrified of God. When she gave birth to Methuselah, he was 65 years old. In later years, he also had more children.
  2. Second, under any circumstances, Enoc ever abandoned God. He adhered to his commitment to always walk alongside God.
  3. Thirdly, while he was still on earth, Enoc walked constantly with God until he was carried up to heaven.

Enoc continued to walk with God even as people on earth were preoccupied with their own affairs. His moral character, way of life, and even the good deeds he performed on a daily basis won God’s favor.


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