With the help of our skills and other charitable resources, we provide a service to one another.


Nothing comes to mind when thinking about the details of the lives of the Garos in the past. Over a decade ago, people who were 100 years old or younger might have had trouble writing ink-free and misread fortunes due to a lack of knowledge. Nowadays, we struggle to build up our stamina and spend the money we have earned. But for those who are interested in writing, gathering information, and learning more useful information for the future, it never stinks. When something has passed away, it never returns and never stands. In the same way, once something is lost, eminent writings are lost forever. Only a short period of time can be preserved through historical tales, but continuing to write stories always creates new possibilities for the future.

The Church connects on every opportunity to help the people, weighs pros, and builds decisively for better advancement. It also acknowledges that serving enables it to experience God’s presence in various ways. So, let people think back on how they pushed themselves to achieve more in life and to give more.

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Because of someone’s selfless life, some histories have significance. We mature as a result of collecting those experiences. Our weak qualities were strengthened and our core values were strengthened. What could be more mysterious if not the preservation of a wholesome collection?

The current generations need to be familiar with a lot of documents. Unfortunately, if we do not restore them to keep them in the proper places, some may forget or lose them very soon. Nevertheless, these publications might offer useful information about all people. Some of them may choose to store their writing in secure locations where nothing can ever destroy it while others may continue to write and publish as journals. These crucial documents must therefore be rewritten, renounced, and kept.



Rev. Jaseng D. Marak

Since June, 1999

Dakchakgipa Pamong

Relian S Momin

Mr. Relian S. Momin

Since May, 2001

Dakchakgipa Pamong

Tengrak K Momin

Mr. Tengrak G. Momin

Since January, 2019

Bakrimgipa Pamong

Lordeversing D Marak

Mr. Lordeversing D. Marak

Since January, 2019

Dakchakgipa Pamong

Wilne R Marak

Ms. Wilne R. Marak

Since January, 2021


Our Tasks to Mission

Today’s lifestyle is one of giving and sharing spiritual needs. Therefore, now is the time to spread the good news by sharing the gospel with those who are in the greatest need.

Omed’s Jamdap Guest House

Within the compound, the church has a youth counseling center with a capacity of more than 50 seats. A guest house called “Omed’s Jamdap” is also maintained by it.”

Prayer Support

As we engage in our spiritual battle and interact with those around us, prayer is a way of being toward God. “God speaks in the stillness of the heart. Prayer starts with listening.”

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