"Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?"

"Here am I! Send me."

The Missional Role

The mission can be regarded as one of the main principal factors for spreading the Good News. Of course, it was completed when the sowers worked hard and gave the wealthiest soils. But, it was because of those dedicated people who tell the message of Love and bring souls to Christ. The believers also understand the ‘mission’ to be sent as the Father had sent His Son Jesus Christ. So, likewise, the purpose of the church existed for the same. We now have to follow the steps of Jesus Christ, who did everything for us. We are here to taste like salt and light that needs to shine before the others.

Our Church has a vision of mission to share God’s Love with all humanity. Fortunately, God’s Love is mean to all. Yet, it can transform and heal people. Therefore, there is a need to share the Gospel with those seeking desirously. We also need to share it with those who are not seeking it.



The church has weighed on the following as below:


How to boost this mission field strong and spiritually?


How much could it be possible to bring the lost souls into God's kingdom every year? What tools can we equip believers to heal this suffering world? What should you do if God is needed there?


What could be the main primary resources to send our workers?


What could be the reason for hurting communities in mission fields across the world today? What could be the reason for breaking communities in mission fields across the world today?


Nothing is special if anyone does not have a sincere heart, which means wholehearted, hearty, or genuine feeling.


Bringing lost souls is not always easy. It's tough, hardship, and even heartburn when a critical problem arises. But we can't even leave as we all wishes for it is a mandate given by God.


The above points are persuasive to adopt these days. Accordingly, the Church needs to focus on spiritual ministries and partners in collaborations. The leaders of the Church are trying to specialize the flocks as mission-minded believers. As someone said, “The position of the church is to share the Gospel.” Sharing and giving spiritual needs are today’s life. What the believers do more than share the Gospel with those in need most today! Nothing but the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Let us all embrace what our torch-bearers have done in their times.

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