"Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?"

"Here am I! Send me."

The Missional Role

One of the key driving forces behind the Good News’ spread is the mission. Of course, it was finished when the sowers toiled diligently and provided the richest soils. But it was thanks to those committed individuals who spread the gospel of love and lead lost souls to Christ. The believers also comprehend the “mission” that is to be sent, just as the Father sent His Son Jesus Christ. Therefore, the church’s existence was for the same reason. Now that Jesus Christ has done everything for us, we must follow in his footsteps. We are here to be the salt of the earth and the light that must shine before all others.

Our church’s mission statement is to spread God’s love throughout the world. Thankfully, God’s Love is kind to everyone. Yet it has the power to change and heal people. In order to reach those who are desiring it, the Gospel must be preached. We must also impart it to those who are not actively seeking it.



The church has weighed on the following:


Today, there are many believers in the church but few are living for the lost souls.


What tools can we give believers to heal this suffering world? What should you do if God is needed there? How much could it be possible to bring lost souls into God's kingdom every year? How can we strengthen and spiritually equip this mission field?


What might be the primary resources we use to send our employees?


We are called for a great harvest and must complete the tasks. What could be the reason for communities breaking up in mission fields today? Are there any opportunities to inspire the church to go to the field? How many believers are involved in the mission today?


If no one has a sincere heart—a feeling that is wholehearted, hearty, or genuine—nothing is special.


It's not always simple to bring lost souls back. When a serious issue surfaces, it is difficult, trying, and can even give you heartburn. However, we are unable to depart as much as we would like because God has given us a mandate.


The aforementioned arguments are strong today and should be followed. In light of this, the Church must concentrate on spiritual partners and joint ventures. The mission-minded believers in the flocks are a specialty that the Church’s leaders are working to cultivate. “The role of the church is to spread the Gospel, as someone once said.” The way of life today is one of giving and sharing spiritual needs. Nothing else is done by the believers today, other than spreading the message of Jesus Christ to those who are most in need.

Let’s all honor the work that our torchbearers did during their eras.

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