Ramon Llull

Ramon Llull

January 23, 2022

Ramon Llull was a missionary to the Muslims and helped encourage others to join missions work as well. Llull had no interest in following God at first, he was living a sinful life and enjoying it. One day he was interrupted and God called him out of his sinful life to follow him, Llull said yes. Llull lived on an island in Spain he knew that they were predominantly Muslim before the crusade. He saw the Christian’s previous attempts to dominate the Muslims and felt the call from God to reach those following Islam. He started by learning Arabic, which was not easy since none wanted to teach him for the point of evangelizing. After learning the language he dove into what they currently believed, their different philosophies and beliefs.

Llull wanted the message of the gospel to be available to all and wrote theological books in many languages. He continued in writing and teaching wanting many to know about the message of the gospel. When speaking he often encouraged others to go to those who needed the gospel, but very few if any were willing and ready to reach the Muslims. The chance came for Llull and he booked a trip to go to North Africa. When he went to go, he became afraid and did not get on his boat, but then the following day overcome by guilt and conviction he got on another boat.

It took three attempts to get on a boat before he sailed to Tunis.

When Llull finally arrived in Tunis he debated and talked with scholars of the Muslim faith, and in response, he was persecuted and almost out to death. Some became Christians and although he was no longer allowed in many places including Tunis he continued to help those who converted. Llull was very convinced that more missionaries were needed to go to the Muslim people so e continued to ask missionaries to be sent.

Llull returned to Africa two more times and wrote many more books and other literature. Though there were few at the time that appreciated what he did or his drive to reach the people. He created a path for other missionaries to reach those of the Islamic faith in the future. Llull was eventually stoned, being the first martyred missionary to the Muslims.

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