Not the word of men, but the Word of God (1 Thess. 2:13)

We all can say that sermon is an expression of speech. This expression is usually based on religion in nature, given by a Reverend or a Pastor (Rabbi) or any other religious leader.

This page aims to address the people to listen freely and carefully. Anyone may read the written scripts from the sermons, through the audios and, watch the videos. You frequently listen to several sermons based on expositions, exhortations, and practical applications with a moral topic. Like, Jesus who preaches on St. Mount during his days. Apostle Paul, Peter, John, and many others spend their entire lives sharing the gospel. All over the world, countless preachers preach on different occasions like D.L. Moody, Billy Graham, Franklin Graham. Generally, those preachers preach a sermon based on Biblical passages and relate to the human’s heart.


During the later history of Christianity, some figures became known as their addresses, but that later regarded as sermons. A few examples in the early churches include Peter (Acts 2:14b-36), Stephen (Acts 7:1b-53), and many more mentioned in the Bible. Historically, these addresses used to spread Christianity across Europe and Asia Minor, and as such, are not sermons in the modern sense but are called evangelistic messages. 

A sermon is usually identified as an address or speech offered to an assembly of believers in our Christian lives. Many missionaries preached to while they served throughout the Assam Mission. They also even came to the hill ranges of Garo Hills and preached. As a result, our ancestors turned to Christ and first started to worship God in Rajasimla village. 

On this page, we are posting several sermons based on occasional programs—Retreats, Camps, Festivals, Etc. Anyone can access for reading, listening, watching and permissible to use for future.

Sir Malthus

Walking with God (Gen. 5:24)

Malthus S. Sangma

While framing a sermon, I contacted one of the most senior and well-known preachers from the Billy Graham Association, Rev. (Dr.) Robert R. Cunville said, “Oh, that was called Rajasimla, isn’t it? A village of Rev. Omed Momin, the First Church in Garo Hills…” He was delighted that time and gave his festive regards—”Merry Christmas” to you all. 

He walked with God for three hundred long years. So, friends, let us ponder three lessons from this topic and learn as the following:

  1. Firstly, Enoc was a fearful person before God. His age was sixty-five years when he bore Methuselah. He gave more children in later years too. 
  2. Secondly, Enoc never forsook God in any circumstances. He kept his promises to walk with God always. 
  3. Thirdly, Enoc walked with God continually until he was taken up to heaven while on earth. 

While people on earth were busy with their own, Enoc continuously walked with God. His faith, living standard, and he even did favor before God’s eyes in his daily works. 

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