We offer a service to help one another using our skills and other non-profitable resources.


Nobody has known the facts of what the lives of Garos like before, and nothing have come to mind. Over a decade, though people lived more than a hundred years of age or below, may be shorted in writings because of inks and mistook the fortunes by little knowledge, today we struggle to collect more stamina and spend the coins earned. However, it never sucks for those curious about writing, gathering sources, and developing more helpful knowledge for the future. Life never stands every time and never comes back once it has gone. So likewise, distinguished writings can never trace back once it is lost. Tales of history can make it possible to keep some time only, but keeping the writing stories always generates the future.

The Church connects on every possibility to serve the people, weigh favorable, and make decisive building for better progress. It also accepts that serving allows it to encounter God’s presence in unique forms of living. Therefore, let the people reflect on pushing that they got more in life and serve more.

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Some histories signified because of someone’s sacrificial life. By collecting those events make us into maturity. It helped us to core values and enhanced our faint qualities. So what is nobler than to do keep a wholesome collection? And, what could be more mysterious unless it is kept in worthiness?

There are a lot of documents to know by today’s generations. But, unfortunately, some may forget or lose very soon if we do not restore to keep in the right places. Nevertheless, such works may provide good knowledge of every people. Those may keep writing and publicizing as journals, or some may store in safe places where nothing can ever destroy them. Therefore, rewriting, renouncing, and keeping those essential documents is necessary.



Rev. Jaseng D. Marak

Since June, 1999

Asst. Pastor

Relian S Momin

Mr. Relian S. Momin

Since May, 2001

Asst. Pastor

Tengrak K Momin

Mr. Tengrak G. Momin

Since January, 2019

Associate Pastor

Lordeversing D Marak

Mr. Lordeversing D. Marak

Since January, 2019

Asst. Pastor

Wilne R Marak

Ms. Wilne R. Marak

Since January, 2021


Our Tasks to Mission

Sharing and giving spiritual needs are today’s life. So what could do more than share the gospel with those in need most today! So now, it is the time to share God’s words.

Omed’s Jamdap Guest House

The Church has a Youth Counselling Centre with more than 50 seat capacity inside the compound. It also maintains a Guest House called “Omed’s Jamdap.”

Prayer Support

Prayer is a way of being towards God, relating to our spiritual warfare and those around us. “God speaks in the silence of the heart. Therefore, listening is the beginning of prayer.”

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